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  • A braincube is a virtual instance of a binary anomaly. In its hunger for information, a braincube is constantly deploying new plugs into a cyber environment, in order to achieve a binary form.



art 2 dee 2

Emotional machines as the next level of the internet of things.

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the author[wallie], 5/09/13, 5:00

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Customized computer code and electronic circuit design imbues Lamp with the ability to be aware of its environment, especially people, and to expresses a dynamic range of behaviour.

Your lamp is your new pet.

the author[wallie], 4/12/12, 13:46

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Draw, create, print and fold beautiful 3D figures…

My kids are gonna love this one…

the author[wallie], 29/11/12, 19:53

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YouTube Preview Image
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One day, our kids won’t be able to understand a world without it…

the author[wallie], 9/10/12, 9:14

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“In 2023, the Grid knows who you are and where you go at all times.”
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Damn, I wouldn’t mind this becoming a blockbuster…

the author[wallie], 8/10/12, 10:58

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