the 8pen


The 8pen™ allows for the replacement of the conventional keyboard on all devices capable of detecting gestures, in particular mobile phones with touch screens, digital cameras, modern remote controls or game controllers.


A while ago, I was discussing the evolution of the keyboard for touchdevices like iPad. I’m strongly convinced that a pattern of a 5-finger-keyboard could be a new way of entering text. As the smartphone has evolved into the 2-tumb-behavior, a larger touchscreen has other requirements than a desktop keyboard or small device. I usually hold my iPad in one hand, entering text with the other, hence a 5-finger-concept.

However, the 8pen is an other idea, and a rather fascinating one: entering text by gestures, like writing. Steep learning curve, but my first impression is it could lead up to something interesting. Especially when I try to plot the concept on technology like Kinect. Fascinating idea?

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